In ResultMaps, you can organize collaborative work (or share information) according to an appropriate team.

One of the most frequently asked questions is how to ensure you can make things show up under a given team. 

Here are the primary ways:

Add it to the weekly priorities planner for a team

  • For any action item or project, use the advanced dropdown menus to organize - you'll see a link labeled "organize" or  "change how ResultMaps handles this"
  • Then click  "Add to team organizer"
  • Alternately, click "Allow team access"

Align it to one of your teams key results (aka "measureables" depending on the methodology you prefer)

Note: the hierarchy is Focus Area > Objective > Key Result > Projects or Action Items, so you would align an action item, task or project to a key result.  If your team has paid for one of our process support add-on's such as support for EOS, your big picture will use the terminology from that add on/methodology.

  • Use an organize or "align" menu option for the item itself when it appears in lists
  • Use the focus icon that appears at the bottom of the screen if you are viewing the detail page for that item
  • Align the item to a project that is already aligned to something in your teams big picture or that has been added to your team's meeting organizer
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