For any result, the actions we take, and the level of planning and thought are often determined by the complexity of the result we need.

  • Sometimes it's a quick action item, such as "Send an email to Bob". No planning is required, just do it. 
  • Other results may require more thought or coordination. Perhaps it's a project, or at least something that requires an action plan.

Whichever case you are dealing with, here is how we can help.

When all you need is to track one to-do or task you can...

  • Ignore the detail page altogether if it's on your action plan
  • Keep notes in the comment thread/activity feed
  • Link documents from your computer or Google Drive
  • Add an event to your calendar

When you need to get some help or team up

  • Make an assignment
  • Allow someone to view or modify the result
  • Think through a quick and easy action plan

When you need to do more detailed planning

  • Convert the result to a project (unless it's a key result)
  • Use the board view for a visual planning tool that makes organization and brainstorming a breeze.
  • Use a Gantt chart to visualize time constraints, dependencies and other detailed aspects
  • Use timeline views to plan by week by week or month by month

While you are managing others

  • Monitor updates on the activity tab
  • See an update/progress report


  • Change how this fits in your big picture - what key result or objective does it support?
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