You can click the title of any ResultMaps item to view its Result Card. This pop-up view allows you to:

Add a checklist when an item requires multiple steps

Add comments and discussion to remember where you left off on an item or communicate with teammates. You can also view a record of all updates to the item here.

Attach related files and images for additional clarity and detail.

Add labels, tags, and hashtags to organize it with similar or related items.

You can also

  • Organize the item by adding it to your team Weekly 1-hour Workshop (WOW), turning it into a project, moving it into an existing project or process, or turning it into an idea.
  • Schedule the item by adding it to your calendar and/or adding a due date.
  • Share the item link
  • Change the item permission settings
  • View the item in a variety of visualizations for more detailed planning
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