To add a new project

  • You can create a new project from the Project focus menu or the + icon at the top right of any screen
  • From the Project focus menu, select the "project focus" button in the top main menu
  • Hover over "project tools" ¬†
  • Click the option link to "add a project"

To select a current project

  • Select the "project dashboard" button in the top main menu
  • Click into the project for which you would like to add new items

To add items such as action plans or milestones to projects

  • From the project overview page (reached by clicking on the name of the project), select the plus icon¬†
  • Enter the title of your action item or milestone into the form that says "add more"
  • Select the type of item you are adding to your project in the drop down menu to the right of the form
  • Hit enter or select the "+" sign at the right end of the form
  • You can set a due date for your item by selecting "set due date" under the item title

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