The Brain Dump organizer lets you type or past text.  It "listens" for hashtags, @ symbols,  colons (":") and new lines of text.  From these elements it intelligently creates, organizes and/or updates your ResultMaps.  Once this information is in,  ResultMaps help communicate and manage so you can follow up, stay in the loop, and guide efforts for you and your team.

Below are a few of the things ResultMaps can do.  

Copy/paste or type to add action items with text.


When ResultMaps' TextGenius sees these characters, it creates a new to-do (i.e. action item).

  • make sure to brush my teeth #today
  • take out the trash #tomorrow
  • invite my team to resultmaps by #nextfriday

<< Here is some text you can try - just visit or, if you are new, visit  

Tip:  the ResultMaps Inbox for Gmail let's you pull this type of text directly out of your email and into ResultMaps without ever leaving your inbox.  

Set up your own organization and alignment keywords and ResultMaps will pick them up.

If you've set up a hashtag for any objective, key result, project, or action item (just about anything in ResultMaps can get a hashtag by visiting it's settings) you can simply type that hashtag with your action item and it will be associated and organized automatically. 

Let's say, for example, we had a project named "special project" that had a hashtag #specialproject setup. ResultMaps would then automatically associate anything with the #specialproject hashtag to that project.  

Here is how the items above might look if you wanted them to be part of Special Project.

  • make sure to brush my teeth #today #specialproject
  • take out the trash #tomorrow #specialproject
  • invite my team to resultmaps by #nextfriday #specialproject

Workflow, scheduling, and status keywords

Date keywords, status keywords like "done" "next" and "blocked" all get recognized by ResultMaps.

Try these date examples.

Tip:  add them to your meeting notes along with @usernames and status keywords to send out and monitor responsibilities through ResultMaps


Use these status keywords to take notes in your next meeting, then paste your notes into the genius.


Reminder: you can play around with TextGenius any time from

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