ResultMaps lets you stay in flow - enter things, reorganize them, enter "sub-tasks" as you go. This page gives you a short overview of projects and to-do lists in ResultMaps.  For more detail, check out the  Project Quick Start Guide. Scroll down for video demonstrations and more.

Projects can be simple, or more sophisticated.  With either approach ResultMaps helps you plan, manage and collect updates, and create reusable templates.  Additional advanced project tools and features stay out of your way until you need them.  

The types of projects we manage

Sometimes people work toward clear goals without a need for much coordination.  People can get one-off assignments or tasks in ResultMaps to support any lightweight process.

Other times, more sophisticated planning and coordination are required to get to your results. Those requirements can be as varied as the individuals on a team.  

Organizations use the same process repeatedly, others use a set of processes depending on the project.  ResultMaps support both lightweight and more formal project planning approaches, including features like detailed schedules and dependencies. 

Simple project setup: 20 seconds through "the Brain Dump Organizer"

Paste your last project meeting notes into ResultMaps' Brain Dump Organizer and your project will be set up.

Use the text below/modify as needed.

Project: Learn ResultMaps
- Skim the tour #today
- Attend an online orientation #thisweek
- Enter some to-do's in text genius #today
- Contact @bill and tell him this is incredible #nextwednesday

The biggest ResultMaps fans use both, when there are several things to enter quickly, use the TextGenius to paste or type them in without friction.  The TextGenius is available on every page.


  • You can also enter items from the "Detailed steps/Milestones" tab of anything in ResultMaps.
  • In the settings tab of the entry where you are listing to-do's or creating a project, change the "type" to say "To-do List". Then you'll be able to find it under the list icon at any time.
  • Setup a hashtag for your project, then anything entered in the future with that hashtag will be added to the project automatically.

Other things to note:

  • You can turn any action item into a project, action plan or to-do list.  You can even make action items a phase or milestone for another project.   
  • Responsibilities, scheduling/timelines and supporting information such as documents can be added at any time. 
  • The basic views you will have at this point provide simple drag-and-drop for reordering and organization.  

When projects require more sophisticated planning use the advanced views.

If there is a need to add more sophistication - for example, if you want to look at your plans or modify project plans using a Gantt chart, or from other perspectives, use the drop down at the top right of your project's page (automatically available for anything in ResultMaps):

Project API and marketplace plug-ins.

More views are coming soon in the ResultMaps add-ons marketplace.  If there is a view you need now please contact us.

With the ResultMaps API (team & enterprise plans only) you can build your own views, with a robust set of interactions available, including comments, scheduling, create, edit and even TextGenius. 

ResultMaps starts working for you as soon as your project goes 'live'.

ResultMaps sends daily reminders to update progress in a simple "Done/Next/Blocked" format, along with summaries of the day's activities and a preview of what's up next.  At any time you can see progress in the context of your project or list.

You can learn a little about our update helper here and how it makes getting project updates a breeze, particularly when used in conjunction with the Milestone Tracker.

Some of the other advanced tools available when you need them include:

  • Exporting/importing
  • Timelines
  • Dependency tracking (enterprise only, but ping us if you need this).
  • Gantt-style planning tools with drag-and-drop scheduling and dependency management
  • Milestone tracking
  • Re-usable project templates
  • Project copy

Check out the Project Quick Start Guide for really simple videos to get you going.

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