If you've taken steps to take your ideas seriously by getting them out of your head and into a list, you may notice a problem. 

That list can get long really fast.

Here are ways to get that list down to size while valuing your ideas.  Once you've completed any of the steps below, you can remove an item from your day plan using the "unlink" icon that appears when you move your mouse over an item on your day plan.


The top 5 filter - a Warren Buffett technique

Warren Buffett  advised that a person  list of 25 things they want to accomplish.  
Then put them in order.  
Then cross items 6-25 off and focus on the top 5.  

In ResultMaps, you can do this on a daily basis too.  Outline your top 5 outcomes, or use drag and drop reordering to prioritize things.  Then snooze all but the top 5 until the next day.  This is often a good step to do after you've done some organization.

Start by ensuring your most important results are listed first.

Then use use the power tools at the bottom of your screen:

President Dwight Eisenhower's boxes (quadrants).

Author and productivity expert Stephen Covey (The 7 Habits of Highly Successful People) documented a method used by General and president Dwight D. Eisenhower. 

Eisenhower divided things into four quadrants. 

  • Important and urgent (these get immediate attention)
  • Important and not-urgent (these are scheduled for focused time and attention)
  • Urgent and not-important (These are delegated to others)
  • Not-urgent and not-important (These can be ignore

Dive in to ResultMaps support of this prioritization technique as shown below, or learn more about how to use these boxes in ResultMaps here. 

Tag your "musts"

Coach and performance expert Anthony Robbins distinguishes "should's" from "musts" when discussing prioritization.  The idea is to leave "should's" alone, and focus in on what you must do to realize your important goals.  ResultMaps allows you to tag things on your day plan using the hashtag #must.   You can then use the power tools at the bottom of the screen to move everything but your must-do items off of today's list.

Attrition / wait for more information.

Your email box will not take shape from the computer and eat you.  You may have some important emails, but most people could ignore 95% of the emails they receive with no material change in their life.  

The same is true of long to-do lists.  

It's important to be aware that getting on top of your list has positive energy and momentum, while leaving things unattended can create an emotional toll. Having things out there implies you don't care enough to power through them, so don't wait too long, and use this technique on purpose (not out of unwillingness to decide).


Snooze ( Defer to tomorrow)

Use the quick snooze button to defer an item until tomorrow.


  • Schedule an item with the short cut.

  • Use the calendar view (under Now > Calendar)
  • Schedule in the context of a project or goal using a Gantt chart or "roadmap" view.  To access this,  click on the item to view it as your focus point.

Then choose one of the view icons at the bottom of the popup.

Doing nothing (here's what happens)

ResultMaps will keep an item on your day plan unless 

  • You complete it (and it is not set to recur daily)
  • You remove it from your day plan
  • You click edit, then un-check the option to keep it on your day plan until completed
  • You delete it

Incomplete items from the previous day are moved automatically to the next day. 

Organization and chunking

Quick chunking

Can some of the items be grouped together because they are directly related? You can drag and drop to group them

Move things to  to a project or other context

  • Hashtag short cuts
  • Drag and drop tools

Launch using the compass icon in the power tools at the bottom of your screen:

Then drag and drop to organize.

After you align the item, you can choose to remove it from your day plan.


is action made up of many small steps?  Consider treating it as a project. You can learn to turn action items into projects here.  Then remove it from your day plan.

Idea lists

Ideas often take shape over time.  You can develop yours by moving them to your idea list.  Or contributing them to your team ideas list.  As with most things in ResultMaps you can do this using drop-down menus or simply by adding the hashtag #ideas.  

Find them under the "Now" menu option:  Now >  Productivity tools > Personal idea list

To add to your team idea list: 

Drag and drop alignment

Other contexts

Delegation and teaming up

Menu helpers
Drag and drop tools
Follow up on assignments later.

Control "when' you focus on an item by scheduling time

What is most important you you? 

To make the best decisions about which strategy to employ, take the important step of getting clear on your vision, your purpose, and your goals in each of the foundational areas of your life.

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