ResultMaps is a great place to note your ideas as they come to you. Then, you can easily go back and reflect upon those ideas by using the Personal idea list feature. This keeps your day plan from being crowded by ideas that don't need immediate action.

To add ideas to the idea incubator, complete the following three steps:

Step One: Capture your idea. 

  1. Enter your idea into the Add item field with the hashtag #idea, #idealist, or #ideas.
  2. Click the plus button to add the item to your day plan.

Step Two: Store the idea for later. 

Because your idea is likely not an immediate action item, you may want to remove ideas and other items that do not require immediate focus. This way, your day plan list stays manageable and productive.

  1. Hover over the new idea on your day plan.
  2. Click the Unlink icon.

Note: Unlinking an item still keeps it available in ResultMaps, and it can be recalled later.

Step Three: Find your idea later. 

Now that you have crushed all of your day plan action items with time to spare, you may want to pull up your list of ideas to reflect and build upon them.

  1. Click the NOW tab. 
  2. Hover over More. 
  3. Click Personal idea list
  4. View/add to all of your #idea, #idealist, and #ideas items.

“Everything begins with an idea." -Earl Nightingale

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